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Reduce The Time To
Get Supplier
Contracts Signed

Expand your supply chain, reduce your workload


As a high-growth company, you have a strong desire to onboard suppliers quickly and enable purchasing activity in order to expand operations and serve more customers.


However, the onboarding process for your suppliers currently involves the tedious exchange of framework agreements, terms and conditions and questionnaires over email.


There is no central view to follow your team’s progress and onboarding is often delayed when requesting the legal team’s involvement to negotiate on contract terms.

Expand your supply chain, reduce your workload.

Reduce time to signature

Use pre-approved terms and only involve your lawyer when non-standard terms are introduced.

Simplify the process

Replace document redlines and emails with an automated
workflow that keeps track of changes and approvals in every deal.

Become a better negotiator

Review negotiation performance across your company to understand which strategies work.

Automate recurring contracts

In the future, use your data to enable the automated negotiation of recurring contracts.

Join the Future of Contract Automation

Understand how to automate your contracting process for suppliers and enable your team to directly contribute to your company’s growth objectives.