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Empower your team to work smarter, not harder
Confidently strike the balance between risk and efficiency with automated contracting by synergist

Legal teams help business users identify and mitigate risks in the course of their work, but are increasingly tied up in low-value activities like reviewing NDAs or negotiating with suppliers.


Streamlining legal operations involves empowering business users to safely execute recurring contracts themselves, so the legal team can stay focussed on high-value activities.

General Counsel

Empower business users to run deals autonomously with self-service contracts. Track progress in real-time across the company from a single dashboard.

Legal Operations

Guide business users through common negotiation scenarios using playbooks. See key terms at-a-glance and use contracting data to improve templates and streamline negotiations.

  • We’ve streamlined our contract workflow from weeks to days by offering our clients a fast and simple way to agree on contracts. This has been a game-changer for our firm.“
    Dr. Christoffer Bortz
    Partner, Neuland legal Hermann Bortz
Why choose synergist?

Delight your business users

Synergist makes complex contracting simple for business teams with a beautiful and intuitive user interface. They can quickly draft, negotiate and sign high volumes of standard contracts within a safe and controlled environment.

Reduce your workload

Synergist streamlines administrative tasks by allowing negotiations to be managed using pre-approved playbooks. Legal Operations will only need to be involved in recurring contracts where absolutely necessary, when high risk or non-standard terms are being discussed.

Radically increase transparency

Synergist provides a central view of your contracts and the ability to drill-down on the granular details of any deal. See exactly how contracts evolve from draft to signature with secure audit trails that record each and every interaction with your contracts.

Data-driven contracting

Extract key contract terms and deviations in seconds for tracking in existing Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) systems. Use insights from deals to enhance playbooks and streamline negotiations.

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