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Full transparency for your compliance projects
Remediate hundreds of non-compliant contracts from a single dashboard with synergist.

You’ve identified multiple suppliers processing data in the EU and less than 3 months to amend every single supplier contract inline with GDPR otherwise you risk severe fines.


Your current contracting process simply doesn’t scale - Your team has limited capacity to chase down every contract and suppliers who negotiate on your terms push your compliance date out even further.

General Counsel

Send amendments in seconds using customisable templates. Keep terms consistent with negotiation playbooks. Handle exceptions quickly with real-time negotiation.

Procurement Teams

Require suppliers to complete compliance questionnaires directly within contracts. Stay informed with real-time notifications. Access key terms in seconds using contract summaries.

Data Privacy Officers

Track remediation progress from a single dashboard. Visualise risks and compliance gaps in contracts. Demonstrate compliance with secure audit trails.
  • We’ve seen a far higher response rate from counterparties when using synergist for GDPR remediation projects compared to a manual process. Our team can work with counterparties in real-time to discuss and negotiate amendments, and our clients see real value in the speed and efficiency with which we can work on their behalf.”
    Serena Wallace-Turner
    COO, Radiant Law
Why choose synergist?

Remediate suppliers at scale

Use synergist to send, negotiate and sign high volumes of Data Processing Agreements with suppliers in minutes. Capture compliance data directly within contracts to ensure every document is valid and consistent.

Handle exceptions quickly
Resolve contractual issues with suppliers in real-time so they don’t block remediation progress. Contracts are updated automatically when both parties reach agreement on the new terms.
Set automated reminders
Ensure suppliers sign contracts on time. Identify non-responders and schedule follow-ups to prevent contracts falling through the cracks.
Record every interaction
See how deals evolve from draft to signature with secure audit trails. Gain insights on your contracting effectiveness and how it can be improved.
Get started with synergist today
Remediate for GDPR before the deadline arrives and be prepared for the next repapering project (i.e. BREXIT) which is just around the corner.